Denver Air Conditioning Repair

Most Trusted Air Conditioning Repair Service in all of Denver


When a person needs an air conditioning repair service there are three things they should look for in a repair company.

They should find service that is both fast and reliable.

The technicians should be highly trained and qualified.

The company should provide upfront pricing.

The service team should come quickly and on time.

This company will come 7 days a week to the clients in Denver. There is same day repair for air conditioning emergencies at no extra charge. All of the repairs are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Quality and Trustworthy Service

The repair job will be done correctly the first time. The technicians have the best training and have been trained on all different makes and models. All employees must pass a pre screening background test as well as a drug test. This will ensure the safety of the client.


Upfront Pricing

There will not be hidden costs when a person chooses to use Altitude Comfort for their air conditioning repair. A fixed price will be given before the repair is performed regardless of the man hours spent on the repair. There is a flat rate for Diagnostic Coverage as well as having a professional diagnose the problem.


Is there a problem with a home air conditioning unit?

If an air conditioner is not working a home can be very hot. Some of the most common problems with the air conditioning units in Denver include:

Sensor Problems

If the air conditioner turns on and off frequently there could be an issue with the sensor.


Adding additional refrigerant will not solve this problem. A professional will need to be called in for testing and repair.

Dirty Filters or Coils

If the AC unit did not have regular maintenance it can become dirty and this will affect the performance.

Compressor Air Fans Become Worn Out

When the unit is turned on and off the components can wear out. Wires can corrode so a technician should check all connections.

Problem with Drainage

It is not uncommon for a drain to become clogged.


Many homeowners will see the benefits from hiring a professional HVAC technician. Altitude Comfort Heating and Air located in Denver, Colorado will help clients keep their air conditioning unit running and in top shape. The highly trained technicians will stand by their work and do the best job for their clients.

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